TAMG reviews

"The stage at the Junction is awesome, drum riser and space to move around is always a plus. The room is always filled with people who truly enjoy music..!!"- Ben (Yamadeo)

"It was my pleasure to play a set for the grand opening of The Junction at Monroe/Tallahassee Area Musician's Guild. The venue is full of road house character and charm. It reminded me of some of the clubs on the river in Savannah. Unlike those clubs, this room has fantastic acoustics. Everywhere in the room the sound is warm and clear. I walked around the space while a couple of bands played and I did not find any dead spots or areas where the sound got middy. The venue was set up with a a front of house board and engineer. All high quality equipment and expertly mixed. There is a large stage with impressive lighting, a drum riser for a large kit.. this is an excellent listening room.. it would be perfect for a live recording and/or video shoot" - John (Dirty TShirt Band)

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